The Art

1st Floor Community Space

Lumonics Mind Spa:

Stretching the Body, Mind and Spirit

The Luminics Mind Spa is a site-specific art installation by Dorothy Tanner created for the McNichols Civic Center Building first floor community exhibitions space. It features light sculptures by Dorothy and the late Mel Tanner, and music and video by Dorothy Tanner and Marc Billard. Dorothy's intention for this meditative environment is for everyone to experience new ways to stretch the body, expand the mind, and achieve greater spiritual awareness.


Interactive Photo Booth

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Nook Space

Artists for Immigrant Families:  Denver artists come together for a one night only art sale and auction benefiting Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN), a local organization dealing directly with reuniting immigrant families here in Colorado.

Artists Include: Diego Rodriguez Warner, Molly Bounds, Sarah Bowling, Andrea Floren , Kimothy Joy, Katy Zimmerman, Julia Rymer, Kim Morski, Max Kauffman, Travis Hetman, Matt Tripodi, Meredith Feniak, Anthony Garcia, Kristen Abbott, Daniel Granito, Corianne Wells, Kristopher Wright, Thomas Scharfenberg, Doug Olsen, Ian Cinco, Angela Craven, Beck Wareing Steele, Natalie Beale Esquival, Koko Bayer, Anna Hetman, Doug Spencer, Eric Nord, Drew Austin, Kaitlyn Tucek, Risa Friedman


2nd floor Boettcher Cultural Pavilion

Giving Voice

Giving voice is a partnership between Access Gallery and professional graphic designers from the greater Denver Metro Area. The program is designed to empower teens living with disabilities to give voice to a social cause that’s important to them. This exhibition highlights 40 posters from the past ten years of the program, and subjects range from addiction to hunger, school bullying to suicide prevention, and from immigration to climate change.


3rd floor

Etlooaat (Cree) He Who Shouts

This exhibit of contemporary Native American art reflects the dynamic nature of Native American creativity and the changing realities of life and culture across the Americas. Featured artists include Neal Ambrose-Smith (Salish/Kootenai) and Jaune Quick-to-See- Smith, Alistair Bane (Shawnee), Jeff Kahm (Plains Cree) and Virgil Ortiz *Cochiti Pueblo) in collaboration with Emilio Lobato, all working in a variety of styles and media. There is an opportunity to hear diversity in Native American voices if we are willing to listen.


Food & Drink

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Rooted in Honduras history chef Sandoval's motherland,  XATRUCHO embodies appreciation for culture, history and finesse. Old school cooking techniques meet a new fresh and unexpected approach an approach that goes against the grain. 

Signature Drinks

We will have a signature Mocktail for the younger crowd and a signature drink and alcohol for the adults.


The Supporters

Huge thanks to our gracious sponsors for making the night possible!


Denver Jazz Heritage Orchestra

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Youth on Record